Enjoy a Solid Week of Vacation


The Adventure:

Relax and unwind on our annual family trip to Five Lakes Resort

The Contender:

A city girl, who needed an escape for a week.

The Experience:

My husband’s side of the family has a very special and unique relationship with Five Lakes Resort - We are now in our 4th generation of attendees. I have been going since 2009; knowing that you will be surrounded by private lakes, little to no cell service and an abundance of family time. Every time is a lot of the same, but just as enjoyable as the last.

Our new and exciting experience would be sharing all of what we know with our new addition, 10 month old Baby Bear. Our older daughter is already eight, where we’ve realized the years have come and zoomed past us, and where we’ve realized we kind of forget how it was to vacation with an infant. Last year, in anticipation of having Baby Bear we purchased a larger vehicle - and we filled the entire side where Baby would be and we joked that we will have to leave her home the following year. (Clearly that was not an option.)


Vacationing as an adult is so different from being a child. As a child, you’re more caught up in the playing and anticipation. As an adult, you’re caught up in the planning and execution. I remember numerous road trips, where my main concern was what toys to bring and how long the drive would be. Now I find myself running around like a complete crazy just getting everything organized and packed. Nevertheless I felt like we were ready to trek away from the cities, our endless to-do lists, work schedules, play dates - and to just BE for the next week.

Can I just say how lucky my girls are to have portable DVD players to watch during the four hour drive?! I remember having the sad little travel sized games like Perfection and Connect Four; and ALWAYS loosing a key piece to never find it again. I do have my oldest play a classic Road Trip Bingo, which is fun for the entire family; but having a movie play in the background is quite handy and helps kill a lot of the time.

The hustle and bustle of ten family members arriving at the same time felt chaotic, but the kind of chaos where you are excited about. With the exception of Baby Bear, the rest of the family have been anxiously waiting for this vacation all year long. Being a hearty Minnesotan, we spend so much time indoors so to have the luxury of having a resort and lake practically to ourselves is pretty amazing.

The Five Lakes Resort offers ten different cabins, that have easy access to Lake Five. And only the guests of Five Lakes have access to this tranquil lake. We all had many mornings feeding the fish off the dock, canoeing, water biking, the evenings were filled with fishing. (Husband ran around Lake Five every morning as well.)

Then a short drive around the resort will bring you to Lake Six, where you’ll find yourself playing for hours in the beautiful sand bar. Lake six is where my husband and his many cousins learned how to water ski - and now we carry on that same tradition of teaching all of the kiddos how to water ski. (Yours truly did try, got up and hasn’t gone since.)

A full day of fresh air is a lot for a ten month old (and even for the adults) - Baby Bear could not get enough, she loved the water and did not complain (except for wearing her life jacket on the short boat rides to and from). Older Bear enjoyed making sand castles, finding buried treasure and swimming with her cousins. The beautiful weather, picnics by the sandbar, laughing and enjoying the kids antics was exactly what I needed to recharge my battery.

Seven days, two cabins, ten family members, twenty three meals prepared = a lot of memories!

  • Tie-dyed t-shirts

  • Fort building with glow sticks

  • Cousin sleepovers

  • Birthday celebrations

  • All of the kiddos tried to water ski, and almost got up

  • I worked out five of the seven days (Thank you 180 Balance Yoga Fitness Nutrition for the 5:30am practice!)

  • I of course, had countless bug bites

  • Baby Bear took naps when she needed to; and in the evenings we were able to share a room together where we all slept pleasantly well

  • We caught so much fish within the third night, which allowed us to have an early fish fry

  • We only had to have one early day in, due to weather

  • The kids played many games with each other (There was no need for electronic devices!)

  • S’mores by a bonfire

This city girl had her fill of nature and the outdoors - Thank you to my family, for their patience with our new fun-loving Baby Bear. Thank you to the Five Lakes Resort for another very memorable, special week of vacation.

We will see you next year! To book your private Minnesotan get-away click here!

Post author: Taylor Huber

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