Go to Duck Donuts


The Adventure

Go pick out some tasty treats with my oldest daughter, at our favorite neighborhood donut shop. We have been a handful of times, but today felt special being on summer vacation.

The Contender

Two donut enthusiasts; who enjoy the smells, respects the process, & could eat 1/2 a dozen each if you let us.

The Experience


When your husband asks to stop by Duck Donuts for some afternoon treats, you don’t hesitate to second guess him.

As of last week, our summer has been in full swing. Amongst the chaos of moving and maneuvering our family of four, I have found it hard to get back into the swing of things. I have had my oldest daughter’s summer schedule all set since April (day camps & activities). My work schedule has been pretty solidified, I’m sure there will be some last minute changes & additions (cause there are always). However my O.C.D. hasn’t helped me get my bearings in our new home. I have always been a creature of habit, my friends will remind me how I would get irate seeing my Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers in the incorrect order or not facing the correct way. Even as a performer it always took me it least a week to figure out where my possessions should be & where I was facing onstage verses the studio.


So the same thing is to be expected when a giant move is happening. My friends and family joked and knew I would have everything unpacked within a week, which I did. And yes that feels great, but everything else gets shifted; the routes getting to and from, the floor plan has changed, closet formation is different, noises around the neighborhood are unfamiliar. My husband and the girls are adjusting well - normal routine & business as usual seems to be the name of the game for all of them. I know I will snap out of it, there are a lot of lists in my brain, my day planner, scattered post-its & even in my phone reminding me of the MANY things I need to get done for our home, appointments, documents & oh yea actual work.

Today was no different, after our very packed morning of activities for my oldest daughter, teaching, appointments, & multiple feedings for my Baby Bear - going to Duck Donuts was a much needed reward!

Normally you can expect a line (short or long), however I think the universe was trying to give me a break, NO ONE was in there. I was greeted by one of the two workers. I knew exactly what to order, 3 Fudge Pop, 2 Cookies & Cream, and 1 Vanilla icing with Oreo crumbles. Watching them choose the freshly baked cake donuts, place them into your box & finalizing them with your toppings is one the most satisfying feelings you’ll witness. A finely orchestrated pastry symphony.

Our short drive home, my husband, Bear & I enjoyed and devoured all 6 donuts in a matter of minutes. And in those short, very gratifying moments - I reminded myself to ENJOY the small things and take one thing at a time concerning my MANY lists. Thank you, Duck Donuts for your warm & delicious reminder to calm down.

Continue to follow my journey throughout this summer!

Post author: Taylor Huber