Go to the Minnesota Zoo


The Adventure:

A day at The Minnesota Zoo

The Contender:

An annual zoo pass holder, who needed fresh air and family time.

The Experience:

Twenty five days into our summer vacation, and a lot has been accomplished. My oldest Bear had one week of day camp, playdates/sleepovers, and numerous times playing at our neighboring playground. My newly nine month old Baby Bear is growing at a rapid rate, mimicking everything we do or say, crawling, and of course getting into everything. As for me, I have some how managed to teach shy of 30 ballet and Barre Burn classes, go on walks, enjoy pool nights, catching up on The Game of Thrones/Bravo reality shows, and spend quality time with my family. Twenty five days have come and gone; sixty four more to go!

Last you read about my adventure on decorating our new home. We no longer have moving boxes cluttering our hallways, and most everything has a place. Our home will continue to be a work-in-progress - however with the bulk of it finished, we now have more time to get out of the house.

An afternoon at the Minnesota Zoo with my family, where I realized there were many families like ours, trying to check off their summer to-do bucket list. We have been annual pass holders for eight years; where we’ve walked the many exhibits/trails, and our oldest has done numerous camps and classes (which I highly recommend) for many years. Walking through the numerous trails is familiar to all of us, and it was fun to watch Baby Bear’s reaction to all of the different animals.


The weather was perfect, walking outside was exactly what all four of us needed! It was perfect to catch up with husband, where we discussed how happy we are with our new home and neighborhood. With the combination of walking and fresh air, we all shared and discussed what we are looking forward to doing for the rest of our summer.

Sixty four days to tackle and enjoy the following:

Midwest summers are fast and furious, we must take advantage of the weather and extended daylight. Thank you to the Minnesota Zoo for keeping me present, to reflect, and to enjoy the small things for the remaining sixty four days.

Post author: Taylor Huber