Be a Weekend Warrior


The Adventure

Tackling our New Home’s To-Do List

The Contender

Two overachievers, who want their house to feel homey.

The Experience

As I sit here on this lovely Monday, sipping coffee (one bear is asleep & the other is downstairs playing), I am reflecting on how accomplished I feel from our productive weekend. Last you all read how I found my calm from a donut. Well, it doesn’t take long for this energizer bunny to get back at it.

We have been in our beautiful new home for four weekends, where we’ve unpacked everything and organize each room to its needs. We have had dinners as a family of four, met some neighbors, and accomplished a family game night. Husband and I are doers, we don’t do well in any sort of chaos (small or large). We went into our Saturday with a mission: decorate and personalize our home.

May I just say, one does not realize how much stuff you have until you lay it all out, scattered in many rooms. Case in point - family frames, artwork and chachkies. (I am proud to say that I did purge or store the things that just didn’t work in our new space.)

From 11:00am until 6:00pm, we hung up multiple frames and artwork , extra and necessary towel rods, built shelves (for the necessary chachkies). A lot of the time was spent asking Alexa simple math, helping us secure the correct measurements for the many wall mountings. Luckily both Bear and Baby Bear were keeping themselves occupied while we tackled such a big project. And we only had to take one major break to escape the decorating madness, we all took a much needed family walk.

We rewarded ourselves with a great family dinner, and of course ice cream. The girls were off to bed, we watched Game of Thrones and were promptly in bed by 10:00pm. Mission accomplished: Two true very accomplished, tired weekend warriors.

What are your goals, are they being accomplished? If not, don’t stress - there’s always next weekend!

Post author: Taylor Huber