Who I Am

I am Daniela: a 31-year-old wife, daughter, friend, and mother of two ridiculous pit bulls and a snarky hedgehog.

I am a ballet teacher who, without a doubt, will awkwardly chasses through public places and dance the entire Nutcracker ballet anytime I hear it.
I will always get excited about rainbows and seeing cows on road trips.
I believe good things happen when it snows.
There is nothing better
than the first sip of coffee in the morning. 
I am addicted to nachos and could eat them seven days a week for the rest of my life.
I am an early bird who has a seriously hard time waking up in the morning.
I believe there is always a good reason to drink cheap champagne.
Princess Anna and Taylor Swift are my soul sisters. 
I lived in Wyoming for three years and it completely changed my life.
I am training for the Dopey Challenge because I am a completely insane person. 
I am trying to learn how to cook but I have a totally irrational fear of setting my house on fire.
I will take an obnoxious amount of pictures in a day.
I am namas'cray about hot yoga.
I am a hippie flower child who believes in the power of love and will go braless and barefoot any chance I get.
I am a crier and am totally irrational when I am hungry.
I live on a farm-ette in rural Wisconsin that I have absolutely no idea how to take care of.
I am an unwavering advocate for animal welfare.

I am curious about a lot of things in this gigantic world but am a chronic "saver" of experiences and find great comfort in sticking to what I know.
I generally live very comfortably within my strategically placed comfort zone, but feel completely energized when I step out of it. 
I am a master at creating excuses for why I shouldn't do, say, feel, or wear something.
I am incredibly self-critical and a paranoid worrywart and allow those things to keep me from fully experiencing the world.

I am on the pursuit to live more than an average B- kind of life simply checking off To Do boxes and blending in with the crowd.
I want to live an over-the-moon happy, dancing in the streets, throwing confetti in the air kind of life.
The kind of life you experience when you start living your Adventure List instead of just Pinteresting it.

I am creating this project to live the brightest, boldest, most fulfilling life possible by getting out of my head and seeking what sets my soul on fire.